Where have I been and what have I been doing?

Wow, can’t believe I haven’t written since January and honestly I could have sworn I did something in February. Anyhow, my Mom asked me if I posted anything to that neat little page I had and it made me wonder that the heck have I been doing this whole time and where have I been. Well, looking back to mid January I taught a lot of classes and did a lot of karate and then February came and I taught even more classes and did even more karate.
My goal this year was to find balance and honestly although it may not seem like it, I feel balanced and am very happy with where I am? I really love karate and am deeply involved. I am looking to start teaching soon and look forward to MORE KARATE!
Anyhow on to what have I cooked. Most recently I made Tofu French Toast. See below, very yummy and very simple. I am not a bread lover so this was just the ticket. Tofu slices dipped in egg seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla. Give it a try it really tastes like Traditional French Toast

Just like the real thing!
Just like the real thing!

As requested by my son for his 17th birthday I made his favorite cake: Chocolate Truffle with strawberries. I even had a slice. It is so rich so only he was able to eat several slices.

Very rich, only for true chocolate lovers.
Very rich, only for true chocolate lovers.

One of my newest adventures was Zenzai with mochi. Now this isn’t really that difficult but it is a sweet dish very common in Okinawa and Japan and everyone has strong opinions over it. It can’t be too sweet, the beans have to be cooked but not mushy and the most important part of the dish are the mochi balls. They have to be tender but not overly chewy. I think I really nailed it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and if nothing else, it looked fantastic. My son and several other boys actually asked for seconds and they are all experienced Zenzai eaters.

Perfect for a cold day.
Perfect for a cold day.

Well for now that sort of catches me up. I really need to stay on it. I have a couple more classes this month and so far April is wide open. I should be able to focus on some new dishes and new adventures. Until then keep cooking and stay balanced!


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