Make Ahead = Stress Free T-day (Part 2)

So continuing on with the thoughts of a stress free Thanksgiving…..makes you feel good right? I whipped up two things for everyone. The first was made last night and the other one was done early this morning. Starting with last night’s creation, Sweet Potato Bread Pudding. For some reason, many people lean away from bread pudding. You’ve got to try it if you haven’t. It’s a wonderful comfort food and can be made several days in advance. I used sweet potato and pecans in this one to give it a Thanksgiving feel. There are tons of variations online so go ahead and google it. Find one that sounds good to you and go for it.
The other item is an appetizer. Cream cheese penguins are super cute and super yummy. It’s got cream cheese in it so it’s got to be good. You can use green olives as well. They may end up looking a little less like penguins but the flavor will be just as good. Below are the easy directions for the penguins.
By early next week I will add one or two more items to our stress free T-day theme. For now enjoy these!

Comforting and a bit boozy. The added bourbon makes this adult friendly
Comforting and a bit boozy. The added bourbon makes this adult friendly

Simple, cute and can be made a day or two ahead.
Simple, cute and can be made a day or two ahead.

Cream Cheese Penguins

18 jumbo black olives
18 small black olives
1 carrot
8 oz cream cheese


Cut a slit from top to bottom, lengthwise, into the side of each jumbo olive. Carefully insert about 1 teaspoon of cream cheese into each olive. Slice the carrot into eighteen 1/4 inch thick rounds; cut a small notch out of each carrot slice to form feet. Save the cut out piece and press into center of small olive to form the beak. If necessary cut a small slit into each olive before inserting the beak.

Set a big olive, large hole side down, onto a carrot slice. Then, set a small olive onto the large olive, adjusting so that the beak, cream cheese chest and notch in the carrot slice line up. Secure with a toothpick.

*use a red pepper strips or pimentos to make small scarves.


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